• A resentment toward Christianity

    A resentment toward Christianity

    I love museums. I love history. I love art. But I can’t stand when any of those things have a connection to Christianity. I’ve been to art and history museums all over…

  • Capitalism as religion

    Capitalism as religion

    Walking down Hollywood Boulevard you could be tricked into thinking everyone living there is a scientologist, with ads for the Church of Scientology greeting you every few blocks. But if you feel…

  • Empathy is humanity's greatest skill

    Empathy is humanity’s greatest skill

    The ability to mentally place ourselves in the unique situations of others is what truly separates humans from the other animals that inhabit our Earth. It allows us to better understand our…

  • 6 things to consider before visiting Iran

    6 things to consider before visiting Iran

    Going off the beaten path and visiting countries few others have is always a rewarding experience, but it often involves jumping through a few extra hoops and understanding that their culture may…

  • The rockstar and the mob

    The rockstar and the mob

    There’s a certain relationship that exists between the rockstar and his mob during a live show that’s difficult to describe, but I’m going to attempt it.…

  • Now's the time to visit Canada

    Now’s the time to visit Canada

    It’s been a long time since Canada’s been this attractive a travel destination. Why? The loonie’s crashed, and may stay down for a while.…

  • Cuba's at the top of my travel list

    Why Cuba’s at the top of my travel list

    Cuba’s always been one of the countries I’ve most wanted to visit. Its culture seems so rich, and who, when seeing photos of the architecture in Havana and the old cars driving through…