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The people of the world are suffering. Decades of neoliberalism have made their wages stagnant, put their jobs at risk, and left them scared about what the future holds. The far-right has responded, using nationalism to divide the populace and set oppressed groups against each other, trying to make them ignorant to the cause of their problems: the elite.

Wherever the right gains support, the left has an opportunity to capture it, but only if it can present a more attractive vision of the future. This is why we need to renew our programme to reflect the realities of the twenty-first century. The process has already begun, particularly with the renewed conversations around postcapitalism, a basic income, and the post-work society.

The goal of my projects is to advance this conversation, and to spread the ideas it generates. I hope you’ll join me.


A video series calling attention to the problems in society, expanding on possible solutions, and reviewing radical non-fiction. It’s currently on hiatus, but will return in 2016. Subscribe on YouTube.


A Music Industry for the 99% dissects the anti-streaming narrative that’s become common in the past few years, digs into how labels are exploiting artists, and presents a vision for a renewed music industry that supports independence.

Labels keep pushing narratives that have backfired on them, and they’re playing an increasingly exploitative role in the industry as their desire to increase profits eclipses their stewardship of the art.

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