The power of inspiration

A lot of entertainment is created to keep us oppressed, to keep us from learning about the flaws of our world and doing something about them.

But there are some forms of entertainment that instead of providing distraction, provide inspiration. The type of entertainment that provides the inspiration you might be looking for depends on your interests and passions.

To someone like me, inspiration comes from reading about issues and hearing perspectives on change. Among then were Russell Brand’s deeply enlightened comedy show Messiah Complex, watching interviews with people like Michael Moore, reading Naomi Klein’s books or Noam Chomsky’s articles or the political pamphlets of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and so many other socialist and revolutionary philosophers.

The inspiration we seek depends on our interests, but when we find it, it helps us to break out of our limiting and oppressed minds to see the truth both about the world and our place in it. We see that we could be doing so much more, and we get the drive to want to act, to create, and inspire others toward change.

Entertainment isn’t always an evil thing, you just need to seek out the right forms. Get a good understanding of your passions, then pay attention to related entertainment and you will find the passion you thought you’d lost, you’ll be able to create the things you’ve been putting off for so long.

And when you feel that drive starting to fade, seek out that entertainment again for a fresh boost of inspiration.