Dystopia or Utopia?

Dystopia or Utopia?A new wave of authoritarians is rising. They can only be stopped by a mass mobilization behind a renewed vision from the left.

The past several decades of neoliberalism have hollowed out the middle class, destroyed labour unions, and led to a level of economic inequality unseen since the 1920s. For a while, the masses remained hopeful that their prospects would improve, but that all changed after the recession of 2008-2009.

Hope turned to despair, and despair turned to anger. Just as the middle-class deteriorated, so too did the political centre. The far-right has been quick exploit their impoverishment and find new minority groups to blame, which is why their rise has been so swift.

The left has been slower to renew its vision for the twenty-first century, but a hopeful programme is emerging in the form of a postcapitalism that emphasizes a universal basic income and the harnessing automation to reduce the amount of time people need to spend working pointless jobs.

Dystopia or Utopia? follows the developments that have led to the choice we now face between authoritarianism and the end of capitalism. It presents two visions for the future: the dystopia that the policies of the far-right could create, and the utopia that could be achieved by pursuing postcapitalism; and ends with a brief review of the vision that the left needs to present to convince the masses to stand up to authoritarianism and demand a better world.

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