Freedom From Jobs

Freedom From JobsThe world of work is changing, faster than we yet realize, but how do we harness automation to create a better world?

For decades, the masses have been getting screwed by the neoliberal consensus of the political and economic elite. Some thought the recession might serve to rebalance the inequities pervading our societies, but they’ve only gotten worse. As the wages of average people have stagnated and their debts have become crushing burdens, the wealth of the elite has soared.

We now stand at the beginning of an economic transition forced upon us by rapid technological advancement that will allow robots and artificial intelligence to do many of the jobs that are currently done by humans. Instead of fighting this trend, we must embrace it, and develop a new vision for the future that harnesses automation to make life better for everyone, not just for the wealthy few.

Freedom From Jobs advocates a political programme centred around a reinvestment in social programmes to ensure quality-of-life isn’t at the whim of market forces, a reorganization of the economy around postcapitalist principles, and a coordinated effort to shift the burden of work from humans to technology.

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