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My name is Paris Marx.

I host a weekly podcast called Tech Won’t Save Us that critiques the worldview of Silicon Valley.

I’m also a PhD student at the University of Auckland, and I’m writing a book about the future of transportation for Verso Books.

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I’ve had articles published by NBC News, CBC News, Toronto Star, Euronews, Jacobin Magazine, Tribune Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, In These Times, Citymetric, Passage, OneZero, Salon, Recode, Canadian Dimension, Ricochet, The Wire, The Bold Italic, Matador Network, and BootsnAll Travel.

My work has also been translated by Ada Magazin (German), Jacobin Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese), Jacobin Italia (Italian), Jacobin Latin America (Spanish), Jacobin Magazin (German), Krytyka Polityczna (Polish), Terrabayt (Turkish), and Usbek et Rica (French).

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I have a Master’s in Geography from McGill University and a Bachelor’s in Political Science and French from Memorial University of Newfoundland. My Master’s thesis can be read here.

I’ve spoken at conferences in Canada, France, and the United States. You can watch a video of my presentation at Mobilizing Justice on how tech elites’ visions for the future of transportation serve themselves, not most residents.

I’ve been interviewed by Al Jazeera, Vox, The Telegraph, Forbes Africa, Het Nieuwe Instituut, The Rational National, and a number of other publications, podcasts, media programs, and more.

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