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  • VOCM Morning Show (25/08/2021): On proposed cuts to healthcare in NL and the role of technology.
  • 1/200 (11/08/2021): On independent media, the political economy of tech, and utopian futures.
  • This Machine Kills (22/07/2021): A wide-ranging conversation on tech media, the politics of Bitcoin, Tesla, and much more.
  • The Bottlemen (16/06/2021): On Newfoundland and Labrador politics and the Greene report
  • Digital Void (19/04/2021): On tech criticism and labor in the gig economy
  • Harbinger Society (24/03/2021): On Newfoundland and Labrador and its Covid election
  • The Bottlemen (20/03/2021): On Canada’s telecom oligopoly and why it should be nationalized
  • Eat the Rich (10/03/2021): On how Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world by building a monopoly and absuing workers
  • 49th Parahell (05/02/2021): On Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s worker exploitation, Prop 22, and the GameStop-wallstreetbets saga
  • Champagne Sharks (01/02/2021): On the problems with digital nomadism, tech utopianism, and their libertarian histories
  • New Left Radio (05/01/2021): On the problems with billionaires’ visions for life in space
  • Androids and Assets (21/11/2020): On the issues of tech utopianism on the left and the need for what the hosts called “Partially Automated Comfort Communism”
  • Unpacking the News (15/09/2020): Brief appearance to promote Harbinger Media Network


  • The Rob Rousseau Show (22/07/2021): Interview about billionaires in space and why space should be for the people
  • Democracy Now! (22/07/2021): Interview about Jeff Bezos’ trip to space and the private space industry
  • Metaviews (13/05/2021): Interview about left-wing tech policy
  • Al Jazeera English (27/02/2021): Interview about Australia’s news media bargaining code
  • Het Nieuwe Instituut (17/09/2020): Interview about nationalizing Amazon (begins 28:30)
  • The Rational National (01/05/2020): Interview about the problems with Canada’s public broadcaster and how they might be fixed
  • The Chris Oldcorn Show (29/04/2020): Interview about automobiles and public transit
  • CGTN America (22/04/2020): News segment about Amazon’s growth during the pandemic


  • Dense Discovery (26/05/2021): Five recommendations to help inspire critical thinking about tech
  • blob blob (15/11/2020): A curated list of articles, podcasts, and videos to think about better futures for the working class
  • Arbejderen (29/10/2020): A commentary on an article I wrote about climate change [Danish]
  • The Telegraph (22/07/2019): Quoted on the use of 5G in cities
  • Humber News (26/06/2019): Quoted on the problems with Uber in Toronto | 26/06/2019
  • OZY (27/01/2019): Quoted on the gig work of scooter chargers
  • Vox (08/10/2018): Quoted on tipping by Uber and Lyft riders
  • Vox (01/10/2018): Quoted on the problems with the gig economy
  • Forbes Africa (22/03/2018): Quoted on the issues with autonomous vehicles with a focus on Africa