My name is Paris

Paris MarxI’m a writer, socialist, and traveller. The goal of my creative pursuits is to highlight the growing divide within the capitalist system, the movements for alternative forms of economic organization, and ways of living that challenge traditional narratives.

My writing has been featured on The Bold Italic, Salon, Recode, and several other publications. I’ve been interviewed about the gig economy on RT’s Boom Bust and about streaming music services on WNPR’s The Colin McEnroe Show. I also curate a weekly newsletter about the issues facing global cities called Radical Urbanist.

Inequality, basic income, housing, and the gig economy are the topics I’ve written most about, but I’ve also done considerable research on urbanism and climate change. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

I’ve lived most of my life in Canada, but for the past several years, I did extensive travel to thirty-seven countries across every continent except Antarctica, and lived and worked for brief periods of time in Australia and New Zealand. In late 2017, I moved back to Canada to become more settled with the hopes of getting more involved in community work.

It’s my firm belief that a better world is possible, but only if we can overcome the divisions the wealthy elite try to force on us, and create a programme that can convince the masses of the need for change. I try to promote this shift, and I hope you’ll join me in expanding the conversation and educating our fellow travellers.


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